Meet the team!

Competent and diverse.
United by a strong interest in a sustainable future for our planet.

Nils Weber

Founder, Embedded engineer

Nils is the head behind the idea and deals with various tasks, mainly development, embedded programming and research. He studied electronics engineering in Germany and a master in embedded systems engineering in Uppsala.

He burns for a sustainable and greener future, loves taking photos and the great outdoors of Scandinavia.


Alexander Beyer

Founder, Business Development

Alex joined Bitroot to work with business structure, market research and has a background in biology. 

He strives to fight climate change, is a fitness instructor and likes ironing as his relaxation method.

Tobias Mages

Embedded systems

Tobias is experienced in embedded software, hardware acceleration and communication technology. He studied electronics engineering as well in Germany and now studies a master in embedded systems engineering in Uppsala


Fabian Schöndorff

Computer scientist

Fabian is currently finishing his master's in Computer Science at Uppsala University with a focus on data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). He builds the backend and the cloud.

Blake Morgan

Business Advisor

Blake serves as a business advisor to the team. He has a background in business development and internationalisation. He worked for the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA and several startups.

Blake is a swimmer, fluent in three languages and a big fan of the Oktoberfest.


Shubhesh Aggarwal

Product Design

Shubhesh is specialized in industrial management, innovation and brings great expertise in design to the team. He also works on the business development, when he is not building new CAD models.

Shubhesh is passionate about photography and good food.