Imagine we knew what every tomato and every cucumber and all their neighbors feel like today? How thirsty they are or how they like the weather.

If we knew all that, we could deal with them specifically and we could react to their situation. When we do that, we would give every plant in a greenhouse a personality. That will save resources, increase the yield and create a better farm.

We build a powerful
greenhouse automation system
for the 21st century.

What is bitroot?

bitroot is a modular automation system to harness digital data, bit by bit, to maximize the growth of every crop from the root up to the leaves with efficient use of resources.
A dashboard gives farmers live data from the SMART modules, while machine learning and AI will increase the performance in the background.

How the technology inside the greenhouse is connected to the internet.

Our design philosophy holds together like a wheel.


We believe in technology and that it can help us to face and overcome the challenges of our generation. Namely, that are climate change and upcoming food crisis. We strive for sustainability which is not only the aim of our product but also applies to the company and our every day actions.

I am passionate about bitroot because we can make local farming ready for the 21st century and profitable even under extreme conditions to reduce the need of large food imports.
Nils Weber, Founder and CEO